Never loose important data to a computer crash again
PLUS monitor all activity!

Recover Lost Data!

With KeyKey, when your computer crashes... you  experience no frustration, anger or stress...

Data recovery is as easy as a click of a mouse! Just open the KeyKey program, and cut and paste it from your log!

Why  KeyKey?

KeyKey is one of the only products on the market that can record such complete details of keyboard activity.

KeyKey is able to record key-strokes from  Windows applications as well as from Windows DOS box.

KeyKey can record the start-up/shut down time of your computer. 

KeyKey can record the windows captions of programs used.

Password protection to access KeyKey for more security.

Auto flush feature at time interval you specified.

Record time stamp at time interval you specified. 

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  • Monitor Your Children's Online Activity!

    You should make every effort possible to protect your children from online threats... including porn, racism, and sites that promote illegal activities.

    Lets face it... censor programs aren't enough, and they often limit your children's access to appropriate content.  

    KeyKey will allow you to monitor your children's online activities... so you can personally teach them right from wrong.

    A child will want to find a way to get around censor programs. They are much more likely to listen to you when you talk to them about hazardous sites!
  • Discover What  Employees Are Really Doing Online!

    Maybe you have an employee or employees and you want to make sure they are not wasting company time. You don't want to pay your workers for the time they are fooling around with non-company related things on the computer.

    Many employees love to write their friends emails, or play computer
    games on company time. Now you can monitor this and warn them about wasting company time if needed. And you'll have the proof of their time-wasting activities on disc. So you can show them if they it.

  • Do You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cyber Cheating?

    KeyKey allows you to keep an eye on all conversation between your spouse and anyone else on the net.

    KeyKey will also show you the titles of all websites, chat rooms, and message boards your spouse visits... conveniently organized by time and date!

Stealth Features

Logging Features


Nobody knows it's running! 
Does not show up in App List! 
Anonymous filename
and much more ...

Records all keystrokes, passwords, web addresses and emails written
Records everything with a date/time stamp
and much more ...

Windows 95/08/ME/2000/XP
Pentium PC (133 MHz or better)
1 MB of Hard Drive Space

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